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personal training springfield va

Personal Training

In addition to our Group Functional Fitness training, you may be searching for more personalized programming and/or one-on-one coaching? We also offers on-site or remote personal training sessions. 

Are you wondering “How Can I take my training to the next level?” How can I make my weaknesses my strengths?” The reality is everyone's fitness goals are going to be very different. That is where our personal training becomes beneficial to your personal needs. Our goal is to take your individual goals and train you to create a better version of yourself. Our trainers demonstrate exceptional hands-on training. Each session can vary from 30, 60, to 90mins depending on which matches your specific needs.

Our approach to personal training entails creating personalized workout routines to improve muscular endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular health.

  • Setting fitness goals and monitoring their clients’ progress

  • Instructing clients to use gym equipment properly to complete their workout

  • Keeping clients safe and educated in the gym.







Contact the Crate for personalized training sessions and plans with our seasoned coaches! We offer 30min, 60min, and 90min sessions at your convenience. Prices will vary based on client needs. 

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